Guided Tours

The Bird ID Company

Our premium partner, The Bird ID Company, offers a variety of tours, all of which provide fantastic opportunities to see a wide range of different birds in and around Norfolk. The tours range from one day trips to five day holidays during migration times. They cater for all abilities from complete beginners who are interested in a general selection of birds to more experienced birdwatchers who may be targeting certain species.

The Bird ID Company specialise in helping bird watchers get more from the hobby by teaching them identification skills in the field. Their ethos is to help you experience not only regularly seen birds but also unfamiliar new species in order to improve your bird identification skills. This should enhance your enjoyment as well as giving you greater confidence in your own ability. You can expect to see around 60 - 90 species a day depending on the time of year and it is not unusual to encounter a scarce or rare bird, which always adds to the excitement on the day.

Their main tours throughout the year are day trips to well known reserves in Norfolk and Suffolk. At appropriate times of the year target species tours are offered in order to see some of the Speciality birds. For example Cranes, Geese and Owls in the winter, Breckland trips in the early spring and Golden Oriole, Montagu's Harrier and Wader tours in the Summer. During spring and Autumn migration they run 5 day and weekend trips with Customised tours also available at any time of the year.

For more information about The Bird ID Company and to find out more about their services please visit their website at